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The Gradel Fitness Mission

“I want you to enjoy your workouts as much as possible. The gym should be a place where you can escape the stresses of your everyday life and feel better when you leave. We can be focused, work hard and still have fun.

Your goals and my goals should be the same, to get you the results that you came to me for. And then exceed your expectations by doing things you never thought were possible. My reputation as a trainer is only as good as the results that I get for my clients so your success is my success.

You should feel that the price you pay for our sessions are a bargain. I do this job because I love it!

I want you to have a better experience with me than with any other trainer you ever worked with in the past.” – Chris Gradel

Trainer Bio

Chris Gradel shifted his career to Personal Training over six years ago in West Hollywood, CA. It was just a matter of time before the Philadelphia local would bring his unique, focused training style back to what he calls “home”. To break into the local training scene, Chris trained at a local personal training studio – a studio that won Main Line’s Best Accolades the three years Chris served as head trainer. Wanting to bring a more customized experienced to his clients, Chris decided to strike off on his own and now trains under his own philosophy. Gradel customizes a program to meet each particular clients needs. His philosophy is built on the foundation of resistance training, cardio and balance thru effective breathing techniques used while training. What sets Chris Gradel apart from other personal trainers are the life changing benefits his clients have experienced – from weight loss to elimination of medications for chronic illnesses, their stories are inspiring. Chris Gradel is a personal trainer that specializes in individual one on one personal training, corrective exercise, PNF Stretching and working around injuries. He is a conveniently located personal trainer and serves clients from Bryn Mawr, Wayne, Ardmore, Villanova, Gladwyne, King of Prussia, Berwyn, Devon, Conshohocken, Paoli, Berwyn and more. Find out more about his personal training services on the client testimonials page.

Serious Chris

Chris Gradel - Gradel Fitness