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What Are Benefits of Using a Personal Trainer?

To answer this question you probably have to ask yourself some questions…

1. Have I gotten the results I’ve wanted?

Clearly define the results that you want. Most people have similar goals but need to take different pathways to get there. Different people respond to different types of training. Some people need to set short term goals (be able to do 20 pushups in a month‘s time), physical results that they can see (lose 3 inches from their midsection or muscle definition in arms), variation in their routine others feel more comfortable with a more consistent approach. Some people just want to blow off steam and have fun. Some want to get the most out of a short amount of time(30 minute intense, focused training and get on with their day. Once the goals are defined, It’s my job to help the client reach that goal. Goals must be realistic. Hold clients accountable, they deserve the credit when they succeed and share the responsibility if they don’t. If we are not getting the results that are desired, lets figure out why and make the appropriate changes. If you’re not noticing results why would you continue to spend time and money for little return on your investment. I wouldn’t. I believe people should make good on what they promote. If I pay money I want whatever I buy to work. Personal training is no different.

2. Have I worked out consistently in the past?

To get results, you need to workout consistently over a sustained period of time. We all know that we should workout, but knowing what we should do and doing it are two different things. Most people need the accountability of a scheduled appointment to make sure that they follow through. I know I do. If you know that someone is waiting on you to show up then you’re less likely to blow off the appointment. Getting to the gym is the hardest part, its all down hill after that. Especially on the days that you feel exhausted and couldn’t imagine working out. Those workouts that you wanted to skip but came in instead start to add up over the months and years improving your results With all the clients that I’ve trained over the years ,without exception, when someone has showed up tired they left energized and were glad they came in. 100% of the time.

3. Do I know what exercises to do once I’m in the gym?

My favorite part of my job is designing different programs for people. I love to create new exercises that I never saw before, or try to make changes to existing ones. Having an array of different exercises keeps the workouts fun and fresh. If you dread certain exercises it’s nice to have alternate exercises that essentially work the same muscle groups. I know I would get bored doing the same exercises all the time. Once you’re bored with or dread your exercise routine you give less effort during your workouts and come less often and progress is halted.

4. What if I’m injured?

Work harder and smarter. Certain exercises incorporate specific groups of muscles. Knowing which exercises involve which muscles is imperative when wanting to avoid exacerbating an existing injury. Work outs need to be safe first and foremost. Knowing how to work hard and safe is a key benefit to having an experienced personal trainer. Holding a barbell in one arm while doing one legged squats on a bosu ball may be fun and you can get benefits from it, but there are other exercises that can provide comparable if not better results without the unnecessary risk of injury. Knowing which exercises to avoid are as important as which exercises to perform. Depending on the injury and its severity dictates the exercises that you should or shouldn’t perform and the intensity at which you perform them.

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